1. House of Vans
    Brooklyn NY

  2. Trash Talk mosh pit
    SXSW 3.13.13

  3. Stage Dive at Decibel Magazine 100th issue show

  4. Japandroids
    Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012

    Had a great time in Austin as always. Fun Fun Fun Fest is one of my favorite fests to shoot.

    ©Shaun Regan 2012

  5. Tony Alva at Orion fest


  6. More House of VANS Photos…


    NO AGE



  7. Cults played House Of Vans Party in Brooklyn

    House of VANS

    We got to the House of Vans as newly signed band Ceremony was on their last song. Twenty minutes later CULTS hit the stage and played vey well.¬†Madeline Follin, lead vocals for CULTS has great stage presence and the band sounded great. HEALTH (photos post below) were amazing. Their great song “USA BOYS” was flawless and during the set with the heat inside the House of VANS, I felt like my face was melting! Great show from HEALTH.

    NO AGE was next and played great. The song “Fever Dreaming” was well fitting for the evening as it was so hot in the House of VANS, we were all Fever Dreaming.

    The photo set


    photos by shaun regan


  8. Health played House of Vans House Party